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 Universal Forum Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Universal Forum Rules and Regulations   Sun May 17, 2009 12:42 pm

Please adhere to the following rules in order to remain a happy forum user.

1.) Please read the regulations located in "Rules" at for those policies are affective here as well.

2.) Remain respectful at all times.

3.) Moderators and Administration hold the right to edit/delete any post and discipline/IPban any member that they feel is an inappropriate presence.

4.) Do not advertise unless given strict authorization and boundaries by an Administrator.

5.) Thread makers please create relative threads to the corresponding locations.

6.) Repliers and posters please remain relevant to all topics at all times.

Locational Rules

7.) Please remain active and aware of all Administrative post in "Recent News". This will help you stay up-to-date with the clan.

8.) Administrators and Moderators must remain active in the "Administrative Discussion" forum.

9.) Please only post useful and legitimate suggestions in the "Website & Forum Suggestions" forum.

10.) Please only post site errors in a descriptive format in the "Website & Forum Errors" forum.

11.) When posting in "Discussion" the topics may be which ever the thread maker chooses but it must remain appropriate.

12.) When creating threads in "Role Play" the storyline does not have to be realistic but it may not offend anyone in anyway. All storylines are subjected to be edited by a Moderator.

13.) When creating threads in "Debates" and "World News" topics are free at random, but may not offend any person in any way. This rule will be kept under a strict policy. Any racism or slander directed towards a certain minority or even the majority will be taken into extreme action.

14.) "Open Technical Support" is available for any member to post and any member to reply.

15.) "UWR Technical Support" is available for any member to post but only UWR Techs have the privilege to reply.

16.) Please only post appropriate and legitimate downloads in the "Downloads" forum. If there is any suspicion that there is a faulty/malicious download posted, the link will be deleted and the poster will be banned without question.
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Universal Forum Rules and Regulations
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